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What Is Tibolone?

Tibolone is a white or almost white crystalline powder with its melting point 169 °C.It can be used for a synthetic steroid with weak estrogenic, androgenic and progestogenic activity. It is also used as  pharamceutical  in the treatment of menopausal syndrome.This product should be stored from 2°C to 8°C. Tibolone reduced the risk of fracture and breast cancer and possibly colon cancer but increased the risk of stroke in older women with osteoporosis.
Tibolone is a synthetic steroid hormone drug, which is fairly non-selective in its binding profile, acting as an agonist at all five of the Type I steroid hormone receptors. It is used mainly for treatment of endometriosis, as well as hormone replacement therapy in post-menopausal women. Tibolone has similar or greater efficacy compared to older hormone replacement drugs, but shares a similar side effect profile. It has also been investigated as a possible treatment for female sexual dysfunction, although it is unclear whether the benefits in this application justify the known risks of the drug.